FDPICT001x Use of ICT in Education for Online and Blended Learning


I have received an award from from ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu for my effective usage of ICT Tools in the teaching learning process of Higher Education. Then I though I need to explore more about ICT Tools. By that time I have received a mail from our Principal regarding this workshop. Then I have decided to join this FDP and I have motivated some other faculty members in our department. In this article, I am trying to explain my experience about the Workshop.

In the beginning…

Even though I am a tech savvy faculty, I felt it is very difficult to understand the 3 different technical platforms used by IITB namely IITBombayx, Moodle, Wikispace etc. Then I realized that it is not that difficult, once JK sir explained why we use these platforms. The preparation done by IIT Bombay Team is mind blowing. I really appreciate their efforts in improving the technical skills of the faculty members across the nation.


I felt quizzes posted by the team is mind blowing. Even after watching the videos 2-3 times, I was unable to find out the answers for some of the questions. I got an idea about how to prepare MCQ questions for the students, which can really challenge their skills. I am looking forward for the remaining quizzes and I will try my best to score maximum.

Moodle Platform

Even though I have used Moodle for our Students and as a part of other MHRD funded workshop, this was the first time I was able to understand the capabilities of the Moodle platform. I have decided to use Moodle for my current semester as a Student interaction platform. Previously I was using Google Classroom platform for the same, I found that Moodle has more capabilities than Google Classroom.

Assignment Submissions

I felt the assignment submissions relatively easier, as I have previous exposure to THINK, PAIR, SHARE (TPS) and Revised Blooms Taxonomy (RBT) as a part of the teaching learning method adopted in our College (Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam). I have a great understanding about the key words, 2D knowledge levels etc in the RBT, as we have undergone training in our college for the same.  However, the “Constructor” concept was new to me. Here after I have decided to give “Constructors” for the student assignments. These are very nice guidelines for the students, so that we can get assignments which are homogeneous in formats and alignments. The sad side is that due to some technical problem, I was unable to submit the first assignment, and the team has not extended the deadline for submission of the assignment. I have learnt a great lesson that we must be punctual as teachers, then only the students will get motivated from us in their character and actions.

Flipped Classroom

Video creation as a part of Flipped classroom was not the first experience for me, as I have created so many videos for my students as a part of my teaching. I have found out a new Software called “Active Presenter” as a part of this workshop for screen casting, and I think I can do miracles in the video creation using this Software. I thought of extending my skills in flipped classroom in creating a YouTube channel in Malayalam called “FEMA eAcademy” which is my mother tongue. In that channel I am trying to explain the Fundamentals of Electronics, through which I can share my knowledge with the rural students of Kerala.

Web Presence for Faculty

This session was not new for me I have previous experience in creating blogs and Websites. I am blogger for the past 5 years and I had knowledge in Blogger, Google Sites, WordPress etc. I am running a blog called “electronicsgurukulam.blogspot.in” and I have motivated all the faculty members in our department to create “Profile Website” 2 years before. I have updated that in the college website and 80% of the faculty members in our Department has their own Profile website created in Google Sites platform.  However, Drupal was my first experience and I think I can learn more about that in the future.

Collaboration and Peer Assessment

Collaboration and peer assessment were new ideas and I felt it is a great method to evaluate student assignments. I think as team and peers the participants of the FDP can contribute a lot towards community building and content creation. I have a complaint that some are not doing the assessment genuinely.

Next week…

I am eagerly waiting for the coming weeks and I will update my experience here… Please keep visiting my blog…

Thank you for Reading!

Have a great time!